Can I delete my photos on Dropbox once I share them on Boxpx?
You do not need to keep your photos in your Dropbox folder once you've shared them with Boxpx. Boxpx downloads and resizes your photos to multiple sizes in high-quality, then puts them on a content-delivery network to speed up the loading for your viewers.

One of my images got corrupted. How do I reload it?
If there's a glitch in uploading one of your images, try renaming it in Dropbox. This will trigger Boxpx to reprocess the image.

What files in my Dropbox does Boxpx have access to?
Boxpx only has access to the photos that you choose to allow it permission to, accessed through the official Dropbox file dialog. None of your other files are accessible to Boxpx.

How do I edit my album?
You can edit the album only when it is initially created. Clicking the button "Save & View" allows you to make changes to the album.

Is this free?
Yes, it's free. Donations are accepted on the About page.

I have other questions?
Feel free to send an email to [email protected]